Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Religion of Christianity

"The name Christian was given, because the man or woman was a follower of Christ,
who believed in Him and walked in His commandments. No other can be honestly
called, in deed and in truth, “Christians,” and those professing to believe in Christ and
found not walking in His commandments are not Christians." 

Every where I go I find people professing to be "Christians," attending "Christian" churches and making an issue of how great their church is...but the vile cursings and wicked life style betrays their profession.  Somehow these professing "Christians" can live in sin, play with sin, use the dear Savior's name in ways they would not use their own mothers name and still think they are going to heaven when they die.

What's the problem?  The problem is that these so called "Christians" are not true Christians at all and their church are not true Christain churches.  Most churches today are filled with unregenerated people who are "Christian" in their religion but know nothing of the Savior.

To be a true Christian involves, not a religious experience or praying a prayer or asking Jesus into your heart, it has nothing to do with WHAT YOU DID.  A true Christian is one who is first regenerated by the Holy Spirit, converted by the Gospel, this conversion being manifested by faith and repentance, and obedient to the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Let me assure you that if you are not walking in His (Christ's) commandments you are most surely not a Christain.  "If ye love me keep my commandments"